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Interviews with Vice magazine and ABC Radio

It's been a great couple weeks for publicity for our magazine. On May 26, Julie Fenwick from Vice ran a story and an interview with Paper Chained editor Damien Linnane (article title pictured). You can check the article out here. And just a few days later, Damien was interviewed by Georgia Stynes from ABC Radio Canberra about the magazine. You can listen to that interview here.

When we're not busy being interviewed ourselves, a lot of our time is actually being spent on interviewing others for Issue 11 of Paper Chained, which is due out in September. In addition to our art and regular features, Issue 11 will actually contain our most interviews of any issue, including one with a former prisoner who now gets paid to go back into prisons to paint murals, and another with the editor of a short-lived prison magazine at Pentridge prison in Victoria in 1973. If you're subscribed to the blog here, you'll be notified when the new issue is out. We're looking forward to sharing it with you all.

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