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  • Damien Linnane

Issue 7 Published

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Issue 7 of Paper Chained, a journal of expression from behind bars, has now been released on our website and posted to all subscribers on our physical mailing list. We're incredible proud of this issue, which sees an expansion both in terms of magazine size and the types of content provided.

As always, you can read and download the issue for free from our homepage. Due to restrictions on what we can send into prisons, Paper Chained is deliberately posted to prisoners in loose-leaf format. Accordingly, people are welcome to print and send it to friends in custody themselves, as the quality will be exactly the same as versions we send ourselves. If you wish to post the magazine to an inmate in NSW, please contact us as a slightly modified version of the magazine has been officially approved in prisons in that state. We can happily email you this version for distribution on request.

Thanks to everyone who has made our magazine such a success thus far, and here's looking forward to our next issue, currently due for release in December 2022.

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