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  • Damien Linnane

Paper Chained's first art exhibition

After receiving art from prisons around Australia and the world for several years, Paper Chained is hosting its first art exhibition, and what we also believe is a first for Australia.

Paper Chained International will feature over 100 artworks from 25 prisons in 8 different countries, including artworks from prisons all over Australia.

The exhibition will be held at Boom Gate gallery, an art gallery attached to the outside of Long Bay Correctional Centre, in Sydney. You can read about the exhibition on the galleries website here. The launch party, which will be opened by NSW Governor the Honourable Margaret Beazley, will be held on 2 May 2024, 5:30-7:30pm. Following the launch, the exhibition will also remain up for the entire month of May. Many pieces are also for sale if you'd like the opportunity to buy something ranging from involuntary forensic detention in the Northern Territory to Death Row in California.

If you intend to come to the launch, please be aware a camera crew will be filming at the event; footage will eventually be featured in a documentary film.

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